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Tips for Moving House with a Child

Removals AdvicePosted by Helen Mon, May 21, 2018 21:29:31

Moving house can be a tricky time for children too. Children are very receptive to our feelings and would have picked up on your stress about your upcoming move, whether or not they are outwardly showing it. Children love routine and when they’re suddenly eating breakfast with a plastic bowl off of a make shift box table, they can be pretty unsettled. I’ve put this blog together to give some tips about how to make moving house less stressful for the smaller people in the household.


To help children with moving house, adding a new story into the bedtime routine may help them feel more settled and give them a better understanding of what will happen. Shirley Hughes has a lovely book called ‘Moving Molly’, available on Amazon –Moving Molly. Usborne also have a more factual book called ‘Moving House’ that takes the child through the process of moving (although the family going for a walk on moving day seems a bit unrealistic!) This title is also available on Amazon – Usborne-Moving House. Sharing a book will give you the opportunity to answer any questions that might crop up as a result of reading the book.


Having your favourite things crammed into a box must be pretty traumatic for a child so try to leave the packing of their things to the very last minute. A few weeks before you move, make a plan of when you will pack each room, including materials you’ll need (boxes, tape, tissue paper etc) so you can keep a track on how much you are using and ask your removal company for more if you are running low (as opposed to once you have completely run out of boxes two days before your move). If money allows, ask your removal company to pack for you. This takes a lot of stress off of you, and definitely makes the ride easier for the little ones too.


If possible, once you are getting close to completion, arrange an extra visit of the new house with your estate agent. Encourage your child to bring their favourite toy and they could give their toy their very own private tour of the new house, to get them excited and give them a sense of ownership of the house. While you’re there, ask your child where they would like their bed etc to go and maybe ask them to help you measure some spaces to help them feel useful. Visit your local park and any other points of interest so they get used to their surroundings and become excited, not anxious about your upcoming house move. Check out local playgroups and attend one if possible. It’s also worth checking Facebook for local chat groups such as Whitstable Mum’s. Join the group in advance and suss out local events and groups.

Moving house with a child doesn’t have to fill you with dread. If you plan well ahead, including extra childcare where possible, and include them in the move where you can, explaining the day and process carefully, it should all go well. Failing that, there’s always snacks and Fireman Sam to help you through the packing process (and wine for you). Mounts Removals can also help with the packing if you’d rather leave it to the professionals. Call us on 01227 656301 for a free quotation and to talk to us about our many packing options.

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